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An “L” shape terrace could be very becoming when it comes to having a variety of plants, depending on the orientation, it could have areas with full sun, so that you can plant trees or flowering plants, it could give you the pleasure of a very complete and colorful garden.

I was asked to design this terrace with the idea of creating an orchard, a tea area and a place to take sun during the summer. The terrace is placed in a 4th floor with neighbors in both endings; its orientation is half sun in every area during the day.


The plan that I came out is the following:

– The tea area (on the right) consist in a place with outdoor sofa and a little tea table, it is placed in the most accessible zone, right after the access door and under an already existing tend. The sun hits until 2 or 3pm. Plant’s selection: Hydrangea macrophylla on each side of the outdoor sofa, Trachelospermum jasminoides that gives intimacy to the terrace and small Edera helix that falls in every vase.

– The orchard area (on the left) is placed on the second end of the terrace, the sun hits there all the afternoon. There’s Salvia, Rosmarinum and Thymus as perennials and other herbs like basil and parsley are placed in different vases, so that in winter they can use the vases for other plants or vegetables.

– The relaxing area is in the same area as the orchard, so that they can use it during the afternoon and it’s not visible from the Tea area. There are 3 round vases that form a “shower area” for a refreshing time after a summer afternoon taking the sun, here the plant’s selection are a mix of perennial plants like Hemerocallis and grasses like Carex.

The angle of the “L” shape terrace needed to be as important as every part of the terrace, it could be a new sitting area in the future, so the plant’s selection was a small tree Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ and a mix of perennial plants on the ground like a Hosta invincible (a sun resistant variety for intense summers), Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’ and Festuca glauca that gives color even during the winter.

This was one of my solutions to this terrace and the selection of plants is just an idea of what it could be, we just have to be clear on what we want and the rest will come.

Planing a Small Garden

Believe it or not, planning a small garden takes time, it doesn’t mean it is a complicated thing, it means that we have to pay attention to details, we have to make it functional and “alive”  through all the seasons.

Let’s check out the top three things we have to keep in mind to prevent any fungus, diseases or even death of our plants.

  • Orientation: The first thing we have to know when we want to plan a garden or even a small terrace is the sunlight. Take a weekend day to understand where’s sun or shadows in your garden and the time of the day when sun or shadow appear. This will help you with another step when it comes to choose which plants you want. For example: If you have a part-shade area in your garden, means that the sun arrives for 3 or 4 hours per day and then it becomes a shadow space, this indicate us that we can plant some plants that grows well with this amount of sun at day, like Hydrangea, Azalea, Heuchera, etc.
  • Soil: Knowing the kind of soil we’re dealing with, will ease a big part of the work. I mean, if we know the type of soil, we can decided: if we have to use vases or if we can plant directly to the ground and, if we have to deal with rustic plants that grows everywhere of maybe those who grow better in an acid soil (“acidophilic” plants will reduce list of shrubs or trees and this is good news if you don’t know what to buy). If you do not what to deal with it, or maybe you have a terrace instead of a garden, you can always use vases and even trees grow well in vases, so there are no excuses to do it!
  • Type of plants: If you have the time and you really love plants, you can use flowering plants, they will give your garden a very colourful touch through all the seasons. On the other hand, if you don’t care much about gardening or you don’t have the time, it’s ok! all you have to do is to use foliage plants, those who don’t have big or flagrant flowers but instead have a very extravagant foliage, they aren’t as “needy” as flowering plants and provide the colour your garden needs all year, even in winter.

Hope this article help you take the first step and design your own garden.

See you soon!!!

Wedding Decor – Church

This was my first collaboration with a very talented Italian florist named Elena Bregna.

A couple wanted the decorations ideas for their wedding this summer. The wedding will take place in a very important church in the centre of Como (Italy), Saint Fedele’s Church.hydrangea_macrophylla

Because of the date, it’s been decided to use one of the most beautiful plants with an explosive inflorescence like the Hydrangea macrophylla commonly known as Hortensia“.

This gorgeous plant is a deciduous rounded shrub, with glossy dark green leaves and blooms  in the mid summer through fall. As we all know (and for those who don’t), the colour of the Hydrangeas flowers is affected by the Soil pH or acidity of the soil

  • Acidic soil: pH below 6, generates flower colour closer to blue. This type of soil naturally contains agents such as aluminium or iron.
  • Alkaline soil: pH above 6, produces flowers more pink.
  • Neutral soil: pH from 6 to 7, produces White flowers.

So, the couple wanted all the church’s arrangements colours to be white and acid green, which means that the hydrangea is perfect for this decoration.

My partner proposed all the placement of the different arrangements inside and outside the church… Sure she did, she is the Florist!…  I, on the other hand, proposed how the church would look and made the designs, I also made little changes in order to be able to post this article to all of you! I’d added white and acid green roses and some Gypsophila  paniculatato give the finishing touches to every arrangement.

Here’s the idea of the actual church and some ideas of the way it should look

Saint Fedele's Church - Decor

Saint Fedele’s Church – Decor


Decoration Ideas!prettyPhoto

Of course the wedding takes place in a closed church, but I wanted to leave this examples to set an idea

More white and green hydrangeas

Hope you like them!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write!!!