About “Fresh Lemonade Gardens” and some Green Love

by thavila

When I think about Gardens, I immediately think of some open space, full of plants (it’s summer, obviously), maybe some white Hydrangeas, private area, seating in front of a cute tea table and a cold, super refreshing glass of Lemonade in my hand. That’s it, talking about gardens always takes me to that place, that green and refreshing place where I drink Fresh Lemonade all day (apparently).

So, Fresh Lemonade Gardens represents a window for those green lovers, like me, who want to feel good and comfortable in their own gardens and green (indoor) rooms; in other words: having a nice space to relax with plants around. 

This is also a place designed for those who want to learn how to take care of their plants, take the first step or several more in their gardens and orchards, place an important tree in their yards, or, simply want to come back from their vacations and find their plants ALIVE!!!

We can help you solve different problems for different environments and styles, with:

  • Tips and ideas on social networks (like Instagram) to show you how to organize your space and how it can look when finished.
  • Plants’ information like: care, exposure, watering, blossom time, etc.
  • Personalized design for your own space: each month, we will publish images about possible green and fresh solutions for yours or others home, real examples of real homes.
  • Short “one-on-one” sessions (30min max.) via Skype, where we’ll talk about your project. In each session we will dedicate time to facilitate yours and your plants life.

In other words: We’ll propose a personalized solution for your space, and, we’ll help you take care of it with examples, images, information and/or skype calls. Easy right? You just have to send us the photos and a sketch of the area you want to upgrade.

Each proposed solution will be public, this way, everyone can have access to the information and use it as an example to create their own environments. We will try to get everyone to learn how to organize their own space with real examples.

We would love to help you design your garden, terrace or balcony, living room  or kitchen, lounge, workspace… you name it! We have got your back and your plants’.